Shandong Lingshi New Material Co., Ltd.
Company culture

Leading values

"Customers do n’t have big or small businesses, as long as you walk through the door of 'Leadership',

We will all do our best to make you truly feel the sincerity and warmth of 'Leading World'! "

People: People-oriented, learning to grow

Enterprise Empowerment: Focus on employee growth and provide growth opportunities
Personal growth: learn at work, grow at study

Letter: integrity first, quality assurance

The world of integrity: the age of integrity, reputation for quality
Quality assurance: win customers with quality from beginning to end

Our Mission

Create value for customers, seek benefits for employees, and take responsibility for society

Creating value for customers: Creating outstanding products and excellent services for customers is Lingering's constant commitment to customers.

Committed to growing with customers, sharing benefits,

Create the greatest value for customers and help them to reach higher and larger stages.


Seeking benefits for employees: Employees contribute labor, creativity, and wisdom to the company. They are the creators of corporate wealth.

Leadership has always been people-oriented, so that employees feel the warmth of the team!


Micro-society assumes responsibility: Committed to being a responsible enterprise, operating with integrity,

continuously expanding employment, and creating more wealth for society.

Shandong Lingshi New Material Co., Ltd.


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